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[RECAP] Devfest 2023

Medium: [Recap] Devfest 2023 — GDG HCMC

[RECAP] Devfest 2023

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend DevFest 2023, a global community-led technology conference organized by Google Developer Groups (GDGs).

DevFest 2023 was organized by Google Developer Group HCMC, Women Techmakers HCMC, with the support of GDSC Vietnam and sponsored by Google for Developers.

The event was held in Ho Chi Minh City and brought together developers from various industries to learn about the latest Google technologies and connect with other developers.

devfest 2023

Event topics

I had a wonderful time at DevFest 2023!

Say Hello to Cloud Functions for Firebase 2nd Gen

I learned a lot about Google's new technologies, especially the presentation by Mr. Jirawat Karanwittayayakarn, Google Developer Expert for Firebase, Technology Evangelist @LINE Thailand.

He showed me how using Firebase can be very helpful in working with the backend. As a web developer, the fact that Firebase supports both node.js and TypeScript opened up a new perspective for me in applying Firebase to my projects.

What's new in web animations

In addition, I also learned about the new technologies that Google has developed to improve the performance of websites, making them smoother by integrating animations.

This topic was presented by Ms. Quynh Nguyen, Frontend Engineer @NQF Asia. She showed us how current web animation effects can be used more easily and smoothly thanks to Google's improvements.

Sudo Code: Web Technology Debate

In addition to the above 2 topics, there were other topics related to Cloud, AI, etc.

The highlight of the program was Sudo Code. This is a program by Women Tech Makers to support young people to learn programming. This year's program is to support those who develop in the frontend field.

At the debate session, the Sudo Code teams will take turns presenting their ideas on how to solve the problem for their application in a short time. They must also answer and defend their ideas against questions from other teams, the jury, and the audience.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be a judge in this program.

I was very impressed with the ideas and the way they were presented. The young people were ready to defend their unique perspectives.

Here are some of my memories from DevFest 2023:

devfest 2023

devfest 2023

devfest 2023

devfest 2023 - WTM sign


Overall, I had a very positive experience at DevFest 2023. It was a great opportunity to learn about new technologies, meet other developers, and make connections. I am grateful to the organizers for putting together such a well-run and informative event.

Thank you to the team that organized the DevFest 2023 HCMC program.